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"Intelligence. Personality. Civilization" is a scientific periodical of DonNUET and publishes original scientific works containing the results of experimental and theoretical studies and have not been published in other scientific serials.

The subject matter of the collection is limited to socio-philosophical problems among which: personality formation conditions analysis, ways of solving the problems of social processes stabilizing and modern civilization functioning, solving social and philosophical problems of the linguistic space development, rethinking the value orientations of the Ukrainian mentality, updating issues of social development accelerating and methods of global problems solving.

The main objectives of the journal are to highlight the results of the latest research and achievements of the socio-humanities in all areas and aspects of their development and practical application.

The main tasks of the journal "Intelligence. Personality. Civilization " are:

- implementation of scientific communication between specialist scientists in the interests of their professional activities;

- reflection of the latest achievements of fundamental and sectoral results of experimental and theoretical research on actual socio-philosophical problems;

- promoting the development of new interdisciplinary principles of humanitarian research, exchange of practical experience in conducting them, developing new approaches to humanization in the era of globalization, aimed at adapting the humanities and education to the new conditions of the information society that evolves towards a "knowledge society";

- informing the community about the problems of modern society, penetration into the patterns and tendencies of its development, orientation in the events of society modern development;

- increasing the effectiveness of maintaining communications with potential and existing readers.

Articles on the pages of the journal are published in the context of the following issues:

  1. Philosophical underpinning of scientific challenges of society
  2. Philosophical concept of educational problems
  3. Socio-philosophical issues of linguistic space development
  4. Society: state and development prospects. Personality
  5. Culture and civilization: performance and development issues
  6. Socio-cultural conditionalizm of the religious consciousness moulding
  7. Historical and philosophical issues of society acquisition

The activity of the journal is aimed at contributing to the consolidation of the scientific community of Ukraine and foreign countries around the relevance and practical significance of new trends in the development of the humanities in the context of the evolution of the information society in the "knowledge society".